industrial electronic board repair

How do we repair electronic boards?

We operate a standard and simple repair loop. You send your equipment for repair/evaluation. We get back to you with the price and return courier cost of the repair. When we have your approval, we repair the equipment and send it back to you for testing. Payment cand be done by bank payment or credit card online based on a link in your invoice. Once testing has been done, your invoice is sent be email. If we have pre-arranged credit facilities or currier you work with, we can work with them.

Early life indsutrial device failures, leading to electronic board repair, is an inescapable fact of your life .

Excess voltage or current , excess temperature, impact /mechanical shock, stress and contamination can all reduce the lifespan of a product electronic board . Rather than stockpiling your bad electronic boards, why not let our skilled inginers come up with a solution and repair them?

Why You Should Working With Us?

ABV Service successfully repair hundreds of electronic boards every year, using the very latest component testing technology. Our laboratory equipment allows us to test both analogue and digital components both in and out of circuit board, then faulty components are replaced and burnt-out tracks repaired as necessary. We also have the ability to reprogram many IC’s using our own lab equipment.  Software verification and back up is carried out whenever possible. Here is a list of electronic board devices we repair:

  • All models of Invertors including Baumüller ABB, Danfoss, Lenze, Siemens, Focal.
  • Variable frequency drive invertors.
  • Adjustable Speed Drives .
  • Multi-layer PCB.
  • AC Drives and DC Drives.

What type of electronic board defects we repair?

A lot of things can go wrong with an industrial electronic board. Some issues, like burned circuits, are easy to identify, while others may be much more difficult to discover.  Fortunately, ABV Service have trained specialists who can trace a great variety of electronic board problems and who are also thoroughly experienced with solving and testing each of these problems.

Failing components are the most common problem with electronic boards, but are often more difficult to identify. If you believe your industrial electronic board components are failing, ABV Service can definitely help. Our engineers can pinpoint the problem through thorough testing of all components of the industrial electronic board. Testing will help identify which components, if any, are damaged or not working properly for every reason.  Once we have located the faulty component, we can repair it, replace it, or tune it on the electronic board to make sure it is accurately working.

BGA pads often become damaged during part removal or as a result of rough handling during transport or cleaning. Because of this damage, the attached parts may no longer operate correctly on the electronic board.


ABV Service can help fix the BGA pad problems through comprehensive repair or replacement services. We use a variety of repair techniques collected over our years of service, allowing us to handle most issues related to BGA pad damage. We also carry a variety of BGA pads to facilitate quick replacement services when necessary.

Electronic board corrosion is a common problem for circuit boards, as it naturally occurs as devices age. Exposure to water, air and other contaminants can result in metal conductors forming a layer of iron oxide, or rust. The presence of iron oxide reduces conductivity, reducing the efficacy of a board and increasing the possibility for the industrial electronic board to short circuit. Other forms of corrosion can also occur when electronic boards are exposed to corrosions chemicals from their surrounding environment.
If corrosion is causing problems with your industrial electronic board, contact ABV Service for assistance and repair. We can help remove corrosion, and we can train you on how to maintain and clean your industrial electronic board properly to prevent corrosion in the future.

Industrial Electronic board impact damage caused by rough handling or dropping a PCB can manifest in differently ways. From damaged gold contact fingers and broken BGA pads to cracked chipsets, dropping a PCB might do a great deal of harm, much of which can be very difficult to trace. If your industrial electronic board isn’t working correctly following an impact-related incident, our engineers can repair it. First, we will examine the electronic board thoroughly for these signs of damage and run an array of tests to identify all problems. Instead of replacing the entire board, ABV Service can help you by repairing only the damaged parts, saving you money and time.

Circuit traces on industrial electronic boards are often damaged during rough handling or improper part removal. If damaged, these traces are no longer able to conduct signals, resulting in a malfunctioning functionality PCB. ABV Service technicians can help repair damaged or broken traces quickly and easily with a variety of techniques. In our service we carry a variety range of trace styles to facilitate fast turnarounds for repair and replacement services, so you can quickly get your circuit board back and put it to work.