Do You need to repair Baumuller servo driver?


ABV Service is a Professional Baumüller services!


Baumüller repair items:

  • Servo drives and servo controllers,
  •  Power supplies and axis drives,
  • Inverters and DC drives,
  • Frequency converters,
  • Communication systems, modules input/output
  • Power modules,

ABV Service has many years of experience in Baumüller repairing allows us to easily service the device such as:

-Servodrives BUS3, BUS20, BUS21, BUS60, BUS61, BUS622, BUS621
-Servo amplifiers BUM60, BUM60S, BM4412, BM4413, BM4422, BM4425, BM4426, BM45, BM46, BM47
-Power Supplies BUG622, BUG623, BUG3, BUG20, BUG2

Baumuller Service

Functional tests of servo drive from Baumüller cannot do without a special made test stands. Our facility allows for the comprehensive services of BAUMÜLLER’s servo drivers and power supplies. Thanks to that fact our customers will receive guarantee of the finest quality repairs. Repair, testing and diagnosis BAUMÜLLER use diagnostic stand drives BUS6, BUS21 and BUM60S BMAX 44XX.

ABV Service is your competent service partner in the fields of servo  drive and automation technology repair and offers a wide range of innovative and solutions-orientated services – independent of manufacturer.


Baumuller servo drivers, converters and controllers can be found in all types of customer-specific applications and in a wide range of industries.  Baumuller repair from ABV Service is your partner for restoring or upgrading your unit to the latest software or hardware version.


Using flying probe-based fault diagnostics system we perform repair from component to module level. All units are subject to extensive functional tests in accordance with manufacturer-specific requirements. As a consequence, the lifecycle of your Baumuller electronics is extended. The routine inspection of wearing parts significantly reduces the probability of a short-term failure.

Service Bmaxx


Why working with us?


                      • Product-specific repair facilities and test equipment ensure repair as good as brand new.
                      • Precision, high quality repairs due to specific diagnostics techniques.
                      • Documentation and history management based on our CRM, of the entire repair process.
                      • Eco-friendly disposal and quotation for a replacement unit if a repair is uneconomical.
                      • Your drive electronics are subject to an extensive endurance test prior to delivery.
                      • On request your unit is upgraded to the latest hardware version and software version.